More Thoughts on Stormwater Jobs; Clean Water Strong Communities

Our friend Alvaro Sanchez Sanchez has just come out with his rew report: "Clean Water Strong communities." He is investigating the value of water infrastructure improvements using a community benefit strategy (i.e. training and hiring local workers). Worth a read! 


Clean Tech Economy and Jobs in Massachusetts Still Growing

Good news on clean tech jobs! Almost 12% growth last year and 80K jobs in Mass. Here's the latest from the MassCEC report released yesterday:

Learn and Earn with MassCEC

There is a new grant opportunity out today from the Mass Clean Energy Center. Learn and Earn is focused on getting youth into the clean tech jobs pipeline with paid internships. Here's the link:

Webinar: Clean Energy Information for Adult Learners


Local Food Local Jobs

We are very excited to have released our newest report, "Local Food Local Jobs: Job Growth and Creation in the Pioneer Valley Food System."

Our report seeks to answer the questions: If more of what people ate in the Pioneer Valley came from the Pioneer Valley, would it create jobs? And, if so, what would those jobs be?

Of course, the answer to these questions is complex and explored in depth in the report. But the short answer is yes. Local food creates local jobs across the food system -- from seed to soil. We hope you enjoy the report.

Boosting Teen Employment

The Commonwealth Corporation is organizing a teen employment event on April 2nd at Worcester Technical High School from 8:30 to 10:30 to release our Teen Employment Study, Signaling Success: Boosting Teen Employment Prospects. This is a study conducted with Paul Harrington which surveyed, interviewed and conducted focus groups with nearly 200 businesses from industries that have historically hired teens.  It asked businesses about their perceptions of teens’ hard skills, behaviors, employment laws, factors affecting hiring decisions and other hiring preferences.  This study collects data to explain the dramatic decline in teen employment rates over the past decade or so.

CWC Conference Presentation Deadline

The CWC deadline for proposals to present at the conference this year is next Monday. Here's the link:

Porous Pavement

 We're interested in the jobs stormwater solutions can create. To learn more about the example of porpus pavement, go to this event where they will describe installing and maintaining porous pavement.

Stormwater Solutions

We just posted pictures of bioretention stormwater solutions, designed by our friends at Nitsch Engineering. And if you think that does not sound sexy, well, you could not be more wrong. See for yourself:!/media/set/?set=a.10150322734558344.329608.140376923343&type=1

Save our Skills!

Yesterday, Alex Risley Schroeder participated in a Save our Skills event in Western Mass, designed to highlight the dangers of continued cuts to the workforce development system in our commonwealth. Here are some links to articles covering the event:

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